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5 Things To Consider When Shopping For Motorcycle Tires

When you're shopping for tires for your motorcycle, you're making one of the biggest safety decisions that you'll make for that bike. So many people make the mistake of going out and picking up the cheapest set of tires they can find just to get the bike on the road. Unfortunately, not all tires are made the same, so that choice could end up costing you your life. Here, you'll find a few tips that'll help you find the tires that will keep you safe while riding.

Speed Rating

Tires have a speed rating for a reason—it shows the safe window of speed to travel without losing traction or causing extreme wear. If you know that you're a rider that enjoys higher rates of speed, look for tires with higher speed ratings.

Load Index

The load index rating on the tire is the amount of weight that it's designed to support. You need to know the weight of your bike, your personal weight, and any passenger's and baggage's weight. That way, you'll be able to choose tires with weight limits that can keep you safe.

OEM Tires

If you aren't sure what type of tire to get, the best bet is to go back to the original manufacturer's parts. So, whatever tire the bike came with is likely one of the safer, better-performing tires to choose.

Tread Pattern

The tread pattern will play a huge role in how well your bike handles on wet surfaces. Even if you don't plan to ride in the rain, you should know that it will happen at some point, so it's best to find tires that are well-rated for performance on wet surfaces. Since difficulty increases when it rains, it's best to have the tires designed to handle the road conditions underneath you.

Tire Pressure Gauge

Always keep a tire pressure gauge on hand and check the pressure in your tires often. If you're headed out for a full day of riding, check the tires before you leave. Not only should you check the pressure, but you should also look for any damage to the tire. If you see any bumps on the sidewall, or if the rubber has worn so thin that the threads are showing, do not ride! It is a sure-fire way to know if you should lay your bike down.

There are tire professionals that will help you choose the best motorcycle tires for your bike. Discuss the type of bike, the types of roads that you ride, and the style of riding you enjoy. Then, you can find the best possible tire to keep you safe and improve performance.

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