Steps to Take Before Using Racing Tires on a Track

11 June 2021
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Race tires for performance vehicles require a bunch of enhancements, such as more traction and vehicle control. If you are using these tires on a racing track, here are some steps you'll want to take prior to racing. 

Make a Couple of Practice Rounds

If you're using brand-new racing tires on your vehicle, or tires that you're not that familiar with, you don't want to take any chances the tires will throw new variables your way. Instead, you want to know how they're going to perform and how your vehicle is going to respond to them before an actual race.

As such, make a couple of practice runs with the racing tires. Then you can get used to their behavior and characteristics on the particular race track that you'll be performing on with other drivers. 

Switch Tire Positions if You Spot Uneven Wear

If you've used the same race tires a couple of times out on a track, there may be signs of uneven wear. You don't want to let your racing tires continue experiencing this because then they're not going to last that long. Instead, you need to switch the position of the tires before taking your vehicle to the race track.

This will allow you to be able to stop uneven wear and get many more races out of your racing tires. If you're just starting out as a performance driver, you need to use the same racing tires as many times as you can to save money. 

Review Track Conditions

After investing in a quality set of racing tires and giving them a thorough inspection prior to race day, you want to carefully analyze the track that you'll be using the tires on. Knowing these conditions will help you confirm you're using the right race tires.

You can head into race day with plenty of confidence if the conditions aren't throwing unfamiliar variables your vehicle's way. If there are track conditions that may not suit the particular race tires on your vehicle, at least you spotted the problem and will have time to switch out the tires before it's too late. 

Race tires are precious resources many performance drivers need if they want to win. However, you can't just put them on your vehicle and expect to see great results. You have to take certain steps with them prior to racing. Master these steps so that you have better racing results to look forward to. 

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